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Forensic Services

At Star State Consulting, our investigators have experience as trusted providers of cybersecurity and forensic services and post-disaster recovery technology solutions. We can assist businesses, federal and state agencies, and more. Our clients rely on our integrity to investigate cybercrimes and company policy violations, including:

• Cybersecurity Breaches & Ransomware Investigations
• Cyber Criminal Cases
• Investor Financial Fraud
• Construction & Engineering Civil Suits
• HIPAA Compliance Violations
• Insurance Claims
• Employee OPP & Computer AUP Violations
• Computer Forensic Incident Response Business Interruption
• Network & Computer Breach
• Intentional & Accidental Data Loss
• Acceptable Use Policy Violations
• Intellectual Property Theft

Digital Forensics

Cell Phone Forensics

If your company is in need of cell phone forensic services, let our professionals assist you. We specialize in several areas, including:

• SMS/MMS Messaging
• Call Logs
• Contact Lists & Phone IMEI/ESN Information
• Web Browsing History
• Geotags/Geolocation History
• E-mail Records
• Social Networking Service Activity

Evidence Collection & Litigation Support

Our IT specialists also offer evidence collection and litigation support. These services involve the focus on authentication and chain of custody preservation through forensic investigative analysis. Contact us for more details.

Incident Determination

Find out the source of your security issues by using our incident determination services. With our assistance, you can locate the cause of data loss and breaches. We can also help you with:

• Compromised List Accounts and Data
• System and Application Logs Reviews
• Exfiltration Location of Confidential & Customer Information & Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets • Image Breached Systems