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Case Management

Managing complex litigation cases isn't a challenged for the experts of Star State Consulting. We understand and maintain industry standards on how on how these matters are handled. Typically, complex cases require detailed management from the attorneys representing the involved parties and litigation service providers. Our team has the skills to manage them seamlessly - no matter the size. We can simplify the process with a dedicated case manager. When Star State manages your case, you can always expect:

• Detailed Master Exhibit Index
• Exhibit Management Services
• User-Friendly Repository for Access to Transcripts, Exhibits, Calendar, & Invoices
• Hosting Website for Document Production (Accessible to All Parties in the Case)
• Experienced Case Manager Readily Available for Needs That Arise

Digital Forensics Evidence Collection

Let us ensure the complexities of your case are managed with diligence and expertise. We have the resources to fulfill all of your case needs - from records collection to managing a multi-million dollar personal injury construction defect case. We'll tailor our services just for you.

Since its inception, the practice of digital forensics evidence collection and the value of this technology was limited to federal agencies and a select few in the private sector. As the technology evolved and matured, a vast array of tools and methodologies altered the landscape in such a manner that private investigators (PIs) now have access to these services, adding value to their cases. These services include:

• Mobile Data Extraction & Analysis from Smart Phones, Tablets & Cell Phones
• Artifact Retrieval (E.G., Messaging/Chats, Internet History & Email from Mobile Devices or Computers)
• Deleted Item Recovery (Mobile & Desktop Computer Platforms)
• Pictures & Video Documentation (Stored on Computers & Mobile Devices)

Tablet Security

This evidence can be extremely valuable in cases such as:

• Cyber Crimes
• Financial & Fraud Investigations
• Employee Acceptable Use Policy Violations
• Personal Injury
• Cyberstalking
• Marital/Relationship Infidelity
• Child Custody Disputes
• Texting-While-Driving Investigations
• Defamation of Character Claims

A Must-Have for Your Company

Corporations of all types and sizes have a unique need for digital forensic expertise. In the age of BYOD, Internet of Things (IoT), acceptable use policies, and valuable proprietary intellectual property, the value of a trained, competent digital forensic examiner goes far beyond that of your IT staff. Specific areas where you can and should call a digital forensic consultant include:

• Employee Violations of Acceptable Use of Company Computers, Networks & Mobile Devices
• Disgruntled Current or Former Employee Investigations
• Theft, Insider Threat or Exfiltration of Intellectual Property (Including Trade Secrets)
• Suspected Fraud, Embezzlement, or Inappropriate Use of Company Resources

If your organization suspects an incident has occurred, you should secure the device(s) immediately upon discovery of the incident. You should also maintain a proper chain of custody and notify corporate management, general counsel, and law enforcement when appropriate.