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Eliminating cybersecurity vulnerabilities doesn't have to be challenging. When you turn to SSC, our specialists will do what it takes to mitigate these risks for you. We have the ability to work with your security and IT departments to safeguard your computers, mobile devices, and operating systems for a fixed, monthly rate.

Keeping our clients' information safe is important to us. While working for you, we will keep your data and everything we find confidential for your protection. We won't disclose information without your permission, even when working with federal law enforcement. Our team can't wait to assist you with making your business thrive. Hire us today!

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About Us

Protect your business from a cyber incident by partnering with Star State Consulting. Since 2003, we have provided security solutions to small business and large global organizations. Our expertise in cybersecurity architecture will safeguard your organization against the rapidly evolving threat landscape. Our technical team is experienced in tailoring a cybersecurity plan for the unique business model of an organization, while maintaining business agility for the organization.

The founder of Star State Consulting and cybersecurity team have over 135 years of industry experience, protecting organizations in multidisciplinary research & development, healthcare, financial, industrial, utilities, energy, and technology sectors. Our knowledge and experience serving many business sectors will provide your organization with an external perspective, which will improve your cybersecurity framework, governance and compliance.

Services We Offer:
  • Cybersecurity Plan Development
  • Litigation Support
  • Data Acquisition
  • Evidence Collection
  • Incident Determination
  • Records Retention


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday:
6:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.


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